Barnes and Noble: A tale of awkwardness

March 12, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went to my (not so local) Barnes and Noble.

It was the week before valentines day and I wanted to prepare to be completely and utterly alone. So automatically I go to Jennifer L. Armentrout books for obvious reasons. I had been eyeing Wicked for a couple of months in advance and I figured Valentines day was the perfect excuse to buy and read it. Little did I know what awaited me in the dreaded adult romance section....

   Yes, I did procrastinate for a while in the Young Adult section but I couldn't stay there forever. So I headed over to the adult romance section. (More like snuck over.) When I got over there I started searching rapidly for Wicked, but with no luck. So I searched another time, and another time, and another time, but still didn't find anything. 
(Keep in mind every time someone passed the isle I turned around and pretended to look at audio books)

  Then things got weird when some punk guy came into the isle I was in. (It wouldn't have been as awkward if the guy wasn't super-duper gothic/punk. <------I'm not over exaggerating!) So I automatically pretend I was already walking out of the isle then I ran back to the Young Adult section. After a couple of minutes in the YA section I saw the guy again and hid behind the shelf because...I like to be casual.

    Yeah, so, I left with Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard instead....


When I got home I ordered Wicked online because I didn't want to feel awkward again in my home...

  So, children, if you don't want to be (more) awkward avoid doing what I made the mistake of doing. 

Whats the moral of this story?

Online shopping IS YOUR ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!

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