20 Authors you need to follow on Instagram

March 07, 2015

I saw Epic reads do this and thought.... why not?
(don't worry I didn't read their list...yet)

These are some of the authors I follow that are super amazing, awesome, fun people.
 Don't forget they love books too!

In no particular order:

1. Lindsay Cummings
username: @authorlindsaycummings

She's the author of The Balance Keeper's Trilogy, The Murder Complex, and The Death Code.
She posts about her fans, her husband, her books, her dogs, and even maybe her horse.... You'll just have to go see.
Lindsay also created the #booknerdigans tag....because who isn't a book nerdigan?

2. Jennifer Niven
username: @jennferniven

Jennifer is the author of All the Bright Places.
Often reposts pictures of her fans and is overall a super sweet person!
She's always interactive with her followers and is just the type of person you want to have on your feed.

3. Rhiannon Thomas
username: @rhiannon.kt

Rhiannon is the author of the new release A Wicked Thing (a retelling of sleeping beauty with a twist!)
She posts pictures of cats, disney, books, and other random things you NEED to see.
Why not add another nerd/reader/awesome person to your feed?

4. Danielle Paige
username: @daniellempaige

Danielle is the author of the NYT bestselling Dorothy Must Die and the sequel The Wicked Rise is coming out this month!
She posts pictures of friends, sometimes fans, books, and you can't forget Dorothy inspired art and fashion!
Follow to get your daily dose of Dorothy!

5. Kiera Cass
username: @partylikeawordstar

Kiera wrote the NYT bestselling Selection trilogy and The Heir which is coming out this spring.
She posts pictures of her family, books, drawings, and has random videos scattered throughout.
The only person she follows is Harry Styles which only proves her love for him :)
If you haven't followed her already....What are you doing with life?

6. Morgan Rhodes
username: @morganrhodesya

Morgan is the author of Falling Kingdoms, which will be a six-book high fantasy series. Her new books: The Spirits and Thieves trilogy comes out in June!
She posts pictures of books, beverages, tour adventures, and even animals!
Booklovers of all kinds will get a kick out of her feed! :)

7. Maggie Hall
username: @maggieehall

Maggie is the author of The Conspiracy of Us.
She posts pictures of books, cats, and her travels!
Being a writer isn't her only talent, Maggie can take some awesome pictures :)

8. Michelle Madow
username: @michellemadow

Michelle is the author of The Secret Diamond Sisters and The Transcend Time Saga.
She posts pictures of books, book swag, booklovers, book tours, other authors, and sometimes herself in a variety locations!
Overall she's the place to go if you love books!
(Did I mention the covers of her books make you feel #coverlust?)

9. Lily Paradis
username: @lily_paradis

Lily is the author of Ignite and Volition.
She posts the occasional book, an occasional selfie, but more than anything she reposts edits made by fans!
She always tries to be super interactive with her fans.
If you want someone who loves to re-post your fan edits then lily is your girl!

10. Michelle Krys
username: @michellekrysbooks

Michelle is the author of Hexed.
She posts pictures of books, people, food, animals, outdoors, and many other random things you need in your life!

11. Victoria Aveyard
username: @victoriaaveyard

You may heard of Victoria before....
She is author of Red Queen (which became a NYT bestseller with in 8 days of its release!)
She posts pictures of herself and her travels, beverages, food, and books!
Don't forget the absolutely stunning Red Queen cover....
What more could you possibly ask for?

12. J.D Netto
username: @jdnetto
J.D Netto is the author of The Whispers of the Fallen series.
He posts the occasional selfie with pictures of friends throughout, but he also reposts awesome fan-art for his books!
Trust me, it's awesome fan-art :)

Don't forget those random posts like a lost unicorn?

13. Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki
username: @abiandmissy
Abi and Missy are the authors of Branded, Hunted, and Liberated.
They are real life best friends, which is good since they are co-writers.
They post pictures of inspiring and funny quotes, the occasional animal, books, and amazing fan art/edits for their book Branded.
Humor and books. Yep that's all you need in life... :)

14. Lindsay N. Currie
username: @lindsayncurrie

Lindsay is author of Creed, Sweet Madness (8/15) and Hardwired (11/15).
She posts pictures of her writing spots, books, beverages, friends, and libraries and reading spots you wish were part of your house.
All I'm saying is *BOOK LOVER CENTRAL*

15. Carey Corp
username: @careycorp

Carey Corp writes Kenna's character in Doon a book inspired by Brigdoon.
She posts pictures of Scottish awesomeness and amazing fan art inspired by Doon.
If you love Scotland better go check her out!

16. Lorie Langdon
username: @lorielangdon_doonseries

Lorie writes Veronica's character in Doon a book inspired by Brigadoon.
She posts pictures of books, Scottish awesomeness, and amazing fan art inspired by Doon.
Carey and Lorie are co-authors so if you follow one you should probably follow the other....

17. Jessica Marks
username: @thepunkauthor
Jessica is the sixteen year old author of Earth Angel.
She posts pictures of books, book edits, and the fangirl life.
She's just like you and me so why not follow another book lover?

18. Marie Lu
username: @marieluthewriter
Marie is author of the Legend trilogy and The Young Elites.
She posts pictures of food, nature, friends, and bookish things.
If you're not not already following her you should be because without her there would be no Day or June.
Got you there didn't I......

19. Maggie Stiefvater
username: @maggie_stiefvater

Maggie is author of the Shiver series, the Scorpio Races, Spirit Animals, and The Raven Boys.
She posts pictures of nature and her amazing art.
If you want a unique type of creativity maggie is your go-to person.

20. Rachel Hawkins
username: @ladyhawkins
Rachel is author of the Hex Halls series, Rebel Belle, Miss mayhem, Defy the Dark, and Grim.
She posts pictures of her author adventures, books, food, and animals.
You'll always feel at home on her page :)

Have fun with your new feed filled with awesomeness :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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