Earth Angel by: Jessica Marks review *spoiler & non-spoiler*

February 16, 2015

Earth Angel by: Jessica Marks

Rating: 4.3/5 (It's a thing!)

(Keep in mind my thoughts on this book are how I personally felt) 

Non-spoiler section:


As an Earth Angel, you have one purpose: to love and guide your human assignment. After years of slowly turning into a mortal, an Earth Angel will die and be sent to Earth once more, forced to live and die over and over again...

When Cassiel dies at sixteen years old, she is sent to a world she doesn't belong to. Desperate to get back home, she volunteers to become an Earth Angel. She is relocated to Kansas, and meets her first human assignment: a high school boy named Wyatt.

But suddenly Cassiel's pre-arranged life is interrupted by Ryan, a boy as strange and quiet as Wyatt is bad. Though a mistake with her assignment could mean an eternity in Hell, Cassiel is irrevocably drawn to the one person who could be her downfall.

Be careful what you choose.

Non-spoiler review:

Hey" is the new okay? okay.

First off I wanna say wow. This book was written by a sixteen year old and it was just super amazing...okay now that i've said it lets get started.

Ok, so at first I thought the premise sounded a little cliche. My first impression: wow, Angels thats totally new...oh look theres even a weird love triangle thing going on! 
If this was your first impression also then please don't hesitate because of it. I actually really liked this book so don't be quick to judge. 

This book made me feel many different emotions. I was irritated at some points, mad, sad, really sad,  happy, and relieved. Yep, that's all the main describing words I got. 

Why did I mark it down by .7?

There were a few grammatical errors and I think there were two occasions when there was a paragraph on one page that basically reflected a paragraph on the next page. (so the exact same statement was repeated twice.) Those are not really part of the reason I didn't give this book five stars.  I didn't give this book five stars because of the following:
*I didn't always like the main character (Cassiel) because of some of the decisions she made throughout the book. Also, sometimes I just disliked her personality/how she acted towards others.
***I also feel like some of the writing reflects that the author is younger. I feel that if she publishes another book her writing skills will become even better than they already are because this book shows so much future potential (as far as how it's written.)

Why did I rate it 4.3?

I haven't read many angel books because I feel like they all kind of have the same premise. With that being said I think this book was really unique. The whole idea of there being Earth angel's was interesting. Also, this book took me on a bit of an emotional roller coaster towards the end. It made me feel the feels and that alone makes my rating higher. Although I didn't always enjoy Cassiel, I liked Wyatt and Ryan (most of the time.)

If anything I said interested you, go get the book and read it so we can talk!!!


(character talk)

"I died eighteen years ago" is the first sentence. I was immediately drawn in.
I do not like cocky jerk-butt guys but whenever Wyatt made a comment like "Don't worry beautiful. You'll make plenty of friends. And i'll help you out." I would start hysterically laughing... I don't know why:)
I felt like my feelings towards the two male lead characters were completely opposite from Cassiel. While I strongly disliked Wyatt towards the beginning, Cassiel only liked him. At the beginning I shipped Ryan and Cassiel so hard. (maybe I'll call them Rassiel or Cyan) Towards the end I felt so bad for Wyatt and I loved his character so much. But at the point I liked Wyatt, I could't stand Ryan. I was so irritated with Cassiel for cheating onWyatt even though she knew what he was going through. And I was irritated with Ryan for being obsessed with Cassiel. (I couldn't care less if they had some weird angel magic connecting them, it  doesn't change the person you are)
I was so upset when Wyatt committed suicide.(I think my eyes popped out of my head when I read that part) but I probably should have seen it coming.
In the end I was happy that everyone got there happy ending because (most) of them deserved it.

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